Covid-19: Choose From These 10 Ways To Engage Yourself During Lockdown

25 March 2020

Sangita Agarwal

Bhubaneswar: Sasmita Panda (42) lives in an apartment in Jaydev Vihar with her two kids aged 16 and 10. With a clear sky, the sun floods into her apartment but the children are barred from stepping out of the home due to the corona scare. Being a working mother, it is very difficult for her to juggle her office work(from home),household chores(as maids are also not allowed in her society). But she takes it in a stride and is rather happy with the arrangement.

"I have chalked down a time-table for the kids. The mopping, dusting, laundry, kitchen work, etc are now being allocated and all of us require to chip in and do our respective jobs. In this way, the children will learn to lend helping hand in household work."

As the coronavirus crisis deepens and there is a national lockdown of 21 days with strictest advice to stay at home, people are finding it very difficult to stick at their places. They are getting irritated, children are getting bored and homemakers are stressed out.

Here are just some of the ways people are trying to deal with social distancing.

1: Family Time

This can be a blessing in disguise as many people just did not have enough time to spend with their families, owing to their otherwise busy work schedule. But now, some beautiful and memorable moments can be made with the kids, spouse and the parents. There can be time when the whole family sits down together and listen to the old stories of their parents and grandparents.

2: Indulging In The Lost Hobby

With the busy schedule of our work, some people had simply forgotten their favourite pastimes or hobbies. This is a perfect time to catch up with all those. Painting, listening to music, playing musical instruments, gardening, cooking, etc can be indulged in with so much time to spare.

3: Learn Something New

It is never too late to learn something new. In this lockdown, one can always give a first try at something. There are numerous online classes regarding a wide array of things to keep you kicking ranging from cooking, dancing, singing, playing guitar, etc.
The elderly persons can learn the use of computers from the youngsters and also indulge in some online gaming.

4: Binge watch series with your family

There are so many series on apps Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot Star, Zee5, Voot etc which you might have wished to watch but never had enough time to do so. This seems to be the perfect time to catch up with most of the series.

5: Use Houseparty video messaging app

This app is becoming popular again, as it allows people to video call and simultaneously play games likes Pictionary, Headsup, quizzes, card games with known and virtual friends from across the world. Virtual teams are made up and you can have a blast with your friends without meeting them on a personal front.

6: Organize And Clean

We never had enough time to organise our wardrobe, clean those ear pods, AC vents, or declutter the unused items of our household. This is a perfect time to do so. The entire house can be given a renovation with changes in every room, by introducing changes you had always thought of but never had the time to do so.

7: Meditation

With the virus spreading at a fast pace, many people tend to panic. When you are perplexed by listening to different thoughts, then meditation will help you attain the stage of highest consciousness and a positive outlook.  It also gives a way to introspection and self reflection.

8: Exercise At Home

Fitness freaks can try various at-home exercises which are readily available on YouTube. For others, sitting at home and snacking all the time would lead to an unhealthy regime, so they should brace up and try to exercise at least for half an hour every day which would make them remain fit.

9: Indulge in Indoor Games With Kids

As online gaming has become a rage, the kids soon get bored and then enters the age-old indoor games. Let them indulge in carrom, chess, Ludo, scrabble,brainavita, UNO, and other card games which will make it all the more interesting if elders become a partner in their game. What say??

10: Catch Up With Your Reading

For bookoholics, this is a perfect time to read the old classics, comics, fictions, mysteries, mythologies, etc of your favourite authors. The children can also be inculcated this habit of reading at these times. If hard copies are not with you, there are online books too. So catch up with your Harry Potter, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown and others.....

Though these are some of the ways one can engage himself during these distressed times in a positive way, one can always find new creative ways to use their time judiciously.