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Commissionerate Police To Launch ‘Lost & Found’ Mobile App Soon

23 December 2017

Tapan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Lodging a complaint for a lost article would not necessarily mean a visit to the police station time and again to get your item back.The Commissionerate Police will launch a mobile and web-based app very soon, through which they can find their lost property.

According to Commissioner Y.B Khurania, “This mobile application for ‘lost and found’ property is under preparation now. It will be a PAN India application. If any person has lost his identifiable property or it has been stolen, he can upload the particulars and the details of that item in the app. For example, if a person has lost his vehicle, he can upload the registration number, the chasis number or the engine number. Similarly, if a mobile phone is lost, he can upload the IMEI number and the make of the phone. If the investigating agency, enforcement agency or any other person has found any lost property, he can upload the details of the found item.

The application will match the lost and found property. There will be an administrator who will facilitate between the loser and founder after making a preliminary enquiry.

The highest numbers of complainants, who come to the police station, are those who want to file a report for a lost item. Since most of them don't know the procedure, they have to go from one desk to another and sometimes even from one police station to another to register their complaint. This app will help in dealing with these problems.

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Y.B. Khurania, Police Commissioner