Commissionerate Police Serves Motto 'We Care', Good Samaritan Cops Felicitated

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Bhubaneswar: As the logo of Twin City (Bhubaneswar-Cuttack) Commissionerate Police bears the pristine pledge "We Care We Dare", the cops not only wield baton and gun to maintain law and order situation, but also abide by the age-old adage "Service to Mankind is Service to God".

While instances galore from time to time for which the caring cops have earned accolades, a glaring case in point is the Good Samaritan act exhibited by the Traffic police personnel yesterday here in this capital city of Odisha.

While on duty at Khandagiri Square, Havildar Pradyumna Kumar Sahu and Constable Tapan Kumar Sahu noticed a senseless girl.

Without waiting for the arrival of PCR van or 108 Ambulance and taking into view the warranted condition of the patient, the cops on duty  at once reserved an auto-rickshaw, rushed her to Capital hospital and under observation of Medical Outpost staff she availed treatment.

She is identified as Kuntala Naik of far-off Phulbani.

On this occasion of felicitation today, Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty was of high praise and patting the sensible and kindhearted policemen told media that such act of his police brigade is inspirational to both the police personnel as well as the citizens as we should all religiously learn "Live and Let Others Live" and try to imbibe the Golden Principle, "Do unto Others as Thou want Others do unto Thee."