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Cobra Stuck in Can While Tasting Beer

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29 March 2017

Tapan Das

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Bhubaneswar: In a bizarre yet funny incident, a cobra was found stuck in a beer can in the hot and sultry afternoon of March end. On a hilarious note, maybe he was trying to ape the humans and quench his thirst by sipping some cool beverage on the hot afternoon. But, to even ape humans turned out to be a life-threatening for this wriggling creature.

Its head got stuck in the beer can and unfortunately, aid came his way after 4 long days when he was totally bruised, mentally and physically. This incident occurred near a marble shop at Tomando Chhak in Bhubaneswar.

The snake man of the capital city, Suvendu Mallick of Snake Helpline was contacted by some locals who immediately rescued the snake writhing with pain.

“It was stuck in the can since last four days. We had to cut the can and rescue him. It was completely bruised. It has happened earlier also. We should crush the cans after using it, or else these creatures fall prey to it and get stuck. People don’t seem to understand the importance of snakes in ecological system,” informed Suvendu Mallick.

The rescued male cobra was rushed to Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology(OUAT)’s Veterinary Department for treatment.

“It's condition was very pathetic. In a bid to struggle out of the can, he was badly bruised with cuts in its skin. Insects had also started feasting on those wounds emitting a foul smell. We have dressed up the wound and administered antibiotics, and stitched its skin. We even conducted an x-ray on it and found out that luckily its backbone was not broken. We will keep him under observation for a few days before releasing him,” according to Indramani Nath, Director, Clinic, OUAT.

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Indramani Nath, Director, Clinic, OUAT

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Suvendu Mallick, Snake Helpline Member