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COVID-19: Complete Lockdown Declared In Entire Odisha

24 March 2020


Bhubaneswar: Government of Odisha has declared total lockdown in all the districts of the state from 24th March midnight till 29th midnight, said Sri Subroto Bagchi, Chief Spokesperson of Govt. of Odisha on COVID-19. While briefing media today Sri Bagchi said that Government has taken proactive steps to contain the outbreak of COVID-19.

In the 1st phase Government of Odisha had declared total lockdown in 5 coastal districts on 21st March, keeping in view the number of foreign returnees to these districts. Further Government declared another 9 districts to be included in total lockdown. 

A Video conference was taken by the Chief Secretary with all the Collectors and the Collectors have been instructed to take immediate necessary steps to ensure lockdown. 

Hostels under ST & SC Development Department has been closed and the inmates shall be handed over to their parents/guardians with their scholarship money. District Collectors have been instructed to monitor their safe return. 

Essential services such as hospitals, clinics, patholabs, medicine stores shall remain open while police, health, electricity, water supply, municipal service and agencies working for COVID-19 shall continue during the lockdown period. 

Banks, ATMs and the petrol pumps shall remain open during the period. Banks have been told to manage offices with 10 per cent of employees with the guidance of the Collector. Banks have already been instructed to maintain enough cash in their ATMs. 

Shops dealing with fruit, milk, bread, biscuits, bakery, grocery, vegetables, fish, meat will remain open. Milk booths (without tea, coffee and other beverages) shall also remain open. 

The government has requested that only one member of a family should go out to the nearest shop in order to fetch minimum essential commodities once in a day and without a vehicle.

Subroto Bagchi, COVID-19 Spokesperson, Odisha Government