Young Scientist Of Class 8 Designs Special Glasses For Visually Impaired

29 December 2019

Ommcom News

Jajpur: A Class VIII student Priyabrata Sahoo surprised everyone when he came up with the idea of designing a guiding sensor glasses for visually impaired. Now when his idea has become a reality, Priyabrata has not only earned praise from all corners but respect from needy too.

Priyabrata studies at Prahallad Chandra Brahmachari Highschool at Adanga at Purushottampur in Jajpur district. The school houses Atal Tinkering Laboratory which is funded by central government and Niti Ayog. The prime purpose of the lab is the promotion of designing objects out of waste products.

The young scientist said, “I got the idea when I saw a visually impaired elderly of my village facing difficulty in traversing without support in any manner. I decide that I must do something and discussed the same with his teachers.”

Research, grit and determination pushed Priyabrata towards success.

Now coming to his inventions, Priyabrata has designed two kinds of glasses- the first kind with ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, and vibrator motor for deaf and blind. The second kind has ultrasonic sensor and buzzer which is for blinds. The sensor in these glasses will give out minute signals or beeps when an object of any kind is in vicinity.

He adds, “I wish to further improve my design and add GPS motor and a speaker to the glasses. This will be connected with Google Maps and will be voice-controlled. Once a person enters an address, they will automatically be guided to it.”

Priyabrata’s school Principal Jitendra Panda and Science Teacher Tushar Kanti Mishra lauded their peer’s efforts and determination. They hoped that with proper support and guidance, Priyabrata will keep getting better in future.

Priyabrata Sahoo, Young Scientist

Tushar Kanti Mishra, Science Teacher Of Young Scientist Priyabrata