Caught On CCTV Camera: Ollywood Director Attacks Hotel Staffers

04 February 2020

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: Ollywood director Dilip Panda cannot seem to avoid controversies. He has landed in soup after a video of him attacking capital-based hotel staffers has been found doing circles.

Yesterday night at about 10.30 pm, Dilip and his four associates in a completely inebriated state reached a restaurant ‘FaceVook’ and ordered one Maheshwar Mohanty, the chef, to prepare food for them. Since it was already closing time Maheshwar refused.

“He shouted that he is a famous director and that I have to follow his bidding. When I refused again he barged into the kitchen area and snatched a vegetable cutting knife. He attacked me with it and threatened with dire consequences. Dilip Panda’s friends too entered and intimidated me and two other hotel staff,” said Maheshwar.

Now this entire fiasco was caught on CCTV camera at the Unit XI based restaurant. Facevook’s owner Sitanshu Mishra said that he has tweeted to Commissionerate Police regarding the uncalled for behaviour and hopes that the police takes strictest of action.

He is yet to file a complaint. Also, Dilip Panda was unavailable for a comment.

However this is not the first time that Dilip Panda has landed in controversy. In November 2018, during the audio release of ‘Tu Mo Suna Chadhei’, the lead actress of the film, Elsa Ghosh, had levelled mental harassment allegations against director Dilip Panda in front of the media after the director had tried to snatch away the microphone from her hands. Taking a U-turn, they had released a joint statement saying it was just a minor misunderstanding.

Maheshwar Mohanty, FaceVook's Chef

Sitanshu Mishra, Facevook’s Owner