Capital Hospital SNCU Made Functional Within Week Of Being Ravaged By FANI

Bhubaneswar: The Sick and New Born Care Unit (SNCU) of Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar has been made functional again within a week of being ravaged badly by cyclone FANI.

Keeping in view the treatment of new born babies, the health department carried out the repair and reconstruction of the SNCU on a war footing basis.

Reportedly at around 12:30 PM on May 3, the ceiling, electric fittings and gadgets of the SNCU started cracking and falling due to the strong winds of FANI, thereby endangering the lives 22 babies inside the SNCU.

Seven staff nurses, two attendants and two medical officers, present on duty at that time rescued the babies without caring for their own lives. The 22 babies were safely to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) located on the ground floor of the same building and their lives could be saved.

After the cyclone passed away, the hospital authorities started working on repair and reconstruction of the SNCU and made it functional within seven days.

Besides, other required healthcare equipments including the oxygen pipeline, which had also been damaged during the cyclone, have also been made functional in a week and the treatment of babies at the SNCU started from May 10.