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CAA: Ollywood Celebs Post Music Video On Social Media

09 January 2020

Chetna Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: Former Ollywod actor and an active politician now, Pinky Pradhan chose a novel way to show her support for the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, or CAA.

Accompanied with actor Anu Choudhury and lyricist Panchanan Nayak, the trio posted a video yesterday on Pinky’s social media handles briefing her followers on the benefits of CAA.

Speaking to OMMCOM NEWS at length, Pinky was amazed at the response her video was getting. She said, “We (Anu, Panchanan and herself) were just hanging out and discussing how to bring forth the goodness that historic bill like CAA was bringing. It was an impromptu song and am very happy that people are appreciating it. Mostly we are happy that our purpose was served and the message came across.”

“The reach of social media is astounding these days and through Twitter and Facebook, we can know for sure how many people have watched my video. Viewers have also commented on the video, and mostly positively,” added Pinky. 

Citing that there is nothing political about CAA, rather it is something that will bring ‘new dreams for those who were refugees earlier and will now become children of India’. She added that CAA will fast-track the process of giving citizenship to persecuted non-Muslims from three neighbouring countries.

Pinky Pradhan, Former Ollywod Actor