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Brave Lifeguards Save Two Lives In Separate Drowning Incidents At Puri

17 October 2019


Puri: Quick presence of mind by lifeguards helped them safe life of two on Thursday from the clutches of strong currents at Puri beach.

In the first case, local boy Bikash Kumar Sahoo (15) was enjoying the day with his family and taking a dip in the sea when the strong currents pulled him in, sources said. Hero of the day- the lifeguards Chaka Raju and Basudev Behera without delay jumped into the raging waters to save Bikash. As we watch in the video, Bikash is pulled out to safety. With basic first aid he was in good physical condition in no time.

In the other valiant act, 57-year-old Asit Devnath from Nadia, West Bengal was struggling in deadly currents when he was rescued by Damburu Behera and A Rao. However, Asit’s hand was fractured in this freak accident. He was rushed to the nearest hospital for necessary treatment.

It is worthwhile to mention that, lifeguards at Puri have saved many lives earlier. As per available data, more than ten lives have been saved in the last ten days, whereas three souls were lost.