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Bootlegging Bid Foiled In Balasore, Over 400L Of Country Liquor Seized

22 September 2019

Pramod Kumar Das

Balasore: An attempt to transport over 400 liters of illegal country liquor was foiled near Sahaspura village under Bahanaga block here on Sunday when three motorcycles carrying the bootleg met an accident and were eventually caught.

As per reports, Old Balasore’s Mahendra Behera and Damuburadhar Behera with one more yet-to-be-identified person was illegally transferring more than 400 liters of country liquor on three motorcycles. While they were on their way, near Sahaspura village one of their bikes hit a stray bull and tumbled over. Resultantly, the rest of the two bikes also met the same fate.

The onlookers caught hold of Mahendra and Damuburadhar, meanwhile the third managed to escape. Both of the bootleggers were beaten up and their motorcycles too severely damaged.

Soro Excise Officials arrived on the spot and seized the country liquor. They have also taken the two accused into custody. An investigation has been initiated.