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Bomikhal Overbridge Chaos Leaves Commuters Confused, Leading To Frequent Accidents

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22 February 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: The road design, signage and approach ways of the Bomikhal overbridge, which was opened a few days back for the public, is creating utter chaos and confusion among commuters.

A booklet released on the day of inauguration states that the bridge connects Rasulgarh with Cuttack Road and Cuttack Road with Saheed Nagar and the vice versa. Instead of easing traffic problems on a busy Cuttack-Puri road, the bridge has compounded the problems of the motorists using it.

The crux of the problem lies with the junction of the where elevation from Cuttack Road, Rasulgarh and Saheed Nagar sides meet. While this point should have been a broader circular intersection, the reality is different.

The junction point of this new bridge is a narrow patch where vehicles are stranded. The clogged roundabout forces four-wheelers (coming from Cuttack Road side) to reverse at least twice to proceed towards Rasulgarh. Same is the woe with motorists coming from Rasulgarh and heading towards Cuttack Road.

Ideally for a motorist coming from Cuttack Road side needs to take the service road for going to Rasulgarh and the flyover for Sahid Nagar. However, the commuters proceeding towards Rasulgarh are also using the overbridge and get stuck at the T-junction. While the reasons for this confusion might be lack of judgment or traffic bandobast, the outcome is always messy affair, often leading to accidents.

Ever since the bridge was opened for public, there remains traffic congestion near Esplanade, where the flyover starts. Vehicles taking an U-Turn into the flyover from Rasulgarh side, jam the entry point of the overbridge, with other vehicles heading straight towards Cuttack Road. A number of freak accidents have also been reported due to the commotion on this flyover which was always in news for the wrong reasons.

Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty said that he would hold a discussion with the Roads and Birdges department to work out on a permanent solution to address this issue.

“We have noticed that there is some confusion at the confluence point of the flyover. People are not supposed to go towards Rasulgarh, but still take the overbridge, which is prohibited.” Though there are adequate signages at the foot of the overbridge, some people are using this as a shortcut. They create traffic jam at the confluence point, he added.

“We will bring it to the notice of R&B, deploy traffic police personnel and the violators will be prosecuted. We will also have some kind of barricades or median to check the chaos,” the Commissioner said.

Since the massive structure is already in place and modifications are a dreamy affair, denizens have to adjust with the system. The onus now lies on the Commissionerate of Police to educate and manage the traffic to minimise the plight.

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Satyajit Mohanty, Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack

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