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14 December 2017

Tapan Das / Soumya Ranjan Sahoo

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Bhubaneswar: In the wake of Supreme Court’s verdict on Wednesday against the Odisha mines owners’s plea and directing the State Government to collect the earlierly ordered cent percent fine by December 31 positively or mining by the leaseholders will be completely closed, opposition BJP on Thursday raised a question mark on the inordinate delay in fine collection despite the apex court’s order on August this year.

Convening a press meet here at the party headquarters, Odisha unit BJP spokesperson Pitamber Acharya burst, “During the 17-year-long rule of BJD, the State Government here is merely tom-tomming transparency. In the first week of August this year, Supreme Court gave its verdict on the biggest ever scam of the century. The court has mentioned two words in its judgement. The words are ‘rapacious mining’ and ‘mega bucks’. It implies that the State Government in nexus with the mining mafia plundered the State’s resources in broad daylight. There is a proverb in English: Fence eating the grass. The loot was not only by the mining mafia, but also by the State Government and its officers.”

“In a bid to sail across the 2014 elections, the incumbent BJD Government gained gargantuan amount of money from two sources. One is from the mines and another from the chit fund. Several legal cases were in the court of law starting from High Court to Supreme Court. Eventually, the Supreme Court passed it judgement on this ‘common cause case’,” the BJP spokesperson commented.

He stated, “Justice M.B. Shah Commission was formed by the Supreme Court. It assessed that the mining scam was to a whooping Rs 59,000 crore. CEC assessed it Rs 61,000 crore. When Supreme Court pronounced its verdict on August 2 this year, it cited 3 violations.”

“Had the Rs 60,000 crore fine collected from the mining violators, Odisha would have been now a debt-ridden State in the country. BJD’s only aim and objective is to remain in power by hook or cook,” the saffron party leader lambasted.

He went further saying, “Yesterday, the Supreme Court has admonished the Odisha Government. The apex court has ruled to collect 100% fine for the violation by December 31, 2017 or the mining operation will be stopped completely. Supreme Court of India has turned to be the guardian of this State not this incompetent State Government. If there is a welfare State and pro-poor and pro-tribal Government here, why the apex court ordered collection of fine from the mines owners have not yet been complied for the last four months?”

Leader of Opposition Narasingha Mishra remarked, “Supreme Court’s yesterday verdict is most welcome. Certainly it has jolted the mines owners. State Government on the other hand is perhaps not happy. The State Government is in an unholy nexus with the mines owners. It has been discussed in the House again and again. In this session also I pointed out that the mine owners levied with fine must be fined by December 31 as per the Supreme Court’s August verdict”

On the contrary, BJD spokesperson Sameer Dash defended, “Odisha is only State in the entire country for having imposed fine on illegal mining. Supreme Court has hailed it. That’s why the court rejected the plea of the mines leaseholders. Supreme Court’s yesterday verdict vindicates Odisha Government’s decision on fine collection.”

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Pitamber Acharya, Spokesperson, BJP, Odisha

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Narasingha Mishra, Leader of Opposition, Odisha

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Sameer Dash, Spokesperson, BJD