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BJD To Lend Support To The Alliance Safeguarding Odisha’s Just Demands

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Bhubaneswar: Biju Janata Dal (BJD) today reiterated its post-poll- result stand of lending conditional support to either of the alliances (UPA led by Congress or NDA led by BJP) at the Centre in case of a hung parliament and if the support of BJD warranted for forming the new government.

The regional party, that is expected to fare well this time too, has already made it clear in its poll manifesto that it would extend support to the alliance that ensures the fulfillment of just demands of Odisha.  

Even though the exit polls since Sunday evening have been projecting a thumping majority to BJP-led NDA and Congress-led UPA projected to be at great loss again, BJD today termed the exit poll as non-exact poll since the picture will be crystal clear after the counting on May 23.

In his media reactions, Rajya Sabha member and BJD spokesperson Pratap Keshari Deb said, “We aren’t going to run after any alliance as we aren’t going to form government at the Centre. Either NDA or UPA will be forming it.”

“We aren’t ally to any of the two alliances. So, one who wishes to form government will volunteer for our support. Why should we hanker after? But, we have already put forth our conditional support as our party president has clearly stated during the elections. Being a regional party, we have some demands relating to Odisha’s interests. The alliance that agrees to fulfill those demands, our party has already made it clear to support that alliance. Hence, there is no need of any sort of ambiguity on this issue,” the senior BJD leader argued.

Replying to the media query on the exit polls, the BJD spokesperson said, “Exit poll is presumption and assumption. It is a speculation made by the media and projections made accordingly. To know if it would be same or different, we all have to wait for the May 23 results.”

“I have already told in my earlier media statements that all the exit polls are trying to show a trend. The trend has also proved to be wrong in the past. It may also prove to be incorrect this time too. Lots of persons are also of this view. So let’s put aside all the speculations and better wait for May 23. All of us will automatically get our answer,” he further reacted.

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Pratap Keshari Deb, Spokesperson, BJD