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05 December 2018

Ajesh Mallick

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Bhubaneswar: After having resigned from BJP last week along with former Rourkela BJP MLA Dilip Ray, the seasoned political leader today took to Facebook Live and poured down his feelings post resignation from the saffron party.

The senior politician is heard saying, “Meanwhile, lots of political developments have taken place. Soon after my resignation, I wish to greet them all who toed my line and resigned from BJP. They all belong to Kendrapada, Patkura, Mahakalpada and also hail from various places across Odisha. Have got the chance to meet some of them recently and would get the chance to meet some others in the days to come. I have received several telephonic messages and SMS congratulating him on my resignation. I would like to thank them all heartily.”

He has made it clear, “All know the way I had to undergo the circumstances in the last two years, no way was left out except to resign. A person, especially like me, doing politics basing on self respect and pride, situation was created to offend and insult me for which I was compelled to opt for such a political decision.”

He has added, “Hence, now all are curious about my future political course of action. I have already informed earlier before media and today also I wish to repeat the same. Dilip Ray is out of station. When the decision will be taken after he is back home, the final decision will be after hectic deliberations and taking into considerations the suggestions of all well-wishers.”

“However, this decision will be such that it will be a turning point in Odisha’s future politics. While taking the crucial decision, Odisha’s overall development, Odisha’s pride, Odisha’s development, etc will be the main issues. These were the issues based on which my political career was initiated starting from Janata Dal to till date,” he is heard averring.

He is also heard saying, “Those who have criticized my resignation, I won’t react to them for their statements. Rather I would like to thank them. It is criticized that I resigned from BJP for vested interest. But I would like to make it clear here that there had been no vested interest neither while joining BJP nor resigning. We (Bijoy & Dilip) had not even hankered for any posts. On Dilip Ray’s CBI case issue, it would be wise on my part not to spill the beans relating to the PM and other developments. It would not augur well. Those who are criticizing, I would like to advise those friends to be well versed about the developments and then keep their statements. While keeping any statement, it ought to be based on the truth.”

“There had been a national executive meeting of BJP at Bhubaneswar. The letter I received a day before. I had joined it and brought it to the notice of the central leaderships and they were also amazed to know the late delivery of the letter. They even felt sorry for that. The State unit BJP leaders might be ignorant to such development. Similar incidents have happened scores of times for which it has insulted me,” he is heard revealing.

He adds, “A well-planned conspiracy was hatched so that Bijoy Mohapatra could not take up further political agitations and programmes in Odisha on behalf of BJP. I had brought this to the notice of the central leaders, but they all remained silent. On Mahanadi issue, they criticized me and initially supported the Chhattisgarh Government. Doing politics in Odisha and supporting the neighbouring States who are resorting to anti-Odisha interests is unjust. Later on the stance was changed by the State BJP leaders here. Had promised about white paper, but it is yet to see the light of the day.”

He is heard stressing, “It is high time BJP should introspect. Even after the Bijepur by-poll debacle, nothing was done for we (BJP) declined gradually. There had been alliance government in Odisha from 2000-2009. Despite that, winning even 9 assembly seats was difficult for BJP in the 2009 elections. I feel 2019 election will be a very crucial election owing to unforeseen situations then. I never believe in hypocricy. Whatever is true, I speak out for which it boomerangs on me sometimes. Speaking the truth has very often hampered me and I have been at loss.”

On the agenda number one of his future political course of action, Bijoy Mohapatra is heard saying utmost stress will be laid on the youths of Odisha, farmers etc.

He is also heard defending that Biju Babu used to say “Politics is an experiment.” He adds, “When we were in Janata Dal, we have fought elections with many election symbols.”

“2019 will come up with a new dawn and new sunrise for us all. All will cooperate in shaping a new Odisha,” Bijoy Mohapatra appeals.

He even makes it clear that his joining of BJD buzz is just a rumour.

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