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05 January 2020

Ommcom News

Bhubaneswar: In the first of its kind, local youth did the unthinkable and set up an open-air café by using only waste material.

Journalism student, PRO by profession with love for cooking at heart- local lad Manas Sahoo wanted to open a café for people around him which did not charge exorbitant prices. Out came into existence- Delish Café at Dumduma area of Bhubaneswar.

Inaugurated on January 1, this place fulfils the entire requirement for a cool hangout or ‘khati adda’ for Bhubaneswar youngsters. The café is open and can be availed for free for small events. Students or even working professionals can use this place to hang out, have discussion, enjoy a bonfire, i.e. basically anything that one can do with friends.

“My sole idea was to make an affordable hangout by investing as little as possible. With the help of some friends, I collected all kinds of junk such as old tyres, cans, water tank covers, among others. It took us about a month in transforming this place into its current state,” said Manas.

“I did not want to invest in fancy decorative items for my café because then I would have to charge extra from my customers and then my purpose would have failed. I instead decorated old tyres and old ghee cans as flower vases, unused water tank slabs as tables, old bottles as fancy lights and so on. Apart from lights and chairs, everything else is junk which has been tactically reused,” says Manas proudly.

While it was difficult for Manas to convince his family, they did have a change of heart after seeing his efforts and the appreciation and interest his café generated.     He adds, “I also loved cooking and used to experiment recipes at home after looking them up on the Internet. Through Delish Café, I finally got to unleash my passion.”

Coming straight out of Manas’ kitchen is a wide variety of scrumptious finger food and tempting drinks to go with it; all at reasonable prices.

Manas Sahoo, Owner, Delish Cafe