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Bhubaneswar ITI Students Develop Solution To Save Water, Control Traffic

27 November 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: Two students of Government Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Bhubaneswar have come out with a solution to check the wastage of water and control traffic remotely.

Aditya Narayan Sahu and Asutosh Mishra of IoT Technician Smart City trade had observed that deployment of tankers to water plants in Smart City Bhubaneswar not only obstructs the traffic but also leads to wastage of water due to uneven watering.

To put a check on water scarcity in the future, they developed a system to address the issues of water and traffic with the use of limited resources.

As a prototype, they designed a Bluetooth control system that can be upgraded and used on the field through GSM or Wi-Fi. In their project, they modified a pipeline by adding a pipe with a water pump at its end. The pump can be controlled remotely by any person through Bluetooth.

To control the system, they are using the HC-05 Bluetooth Module with Bluetooth Terminal HC-05 app available on Google Play. Through the app, they can switch on and off the system.

Sahu and Mishra spent around Rs 15,000 to design the prototype but the actual cost of setting up the system depends on area of the location where it will be used.

They hope that the project can be developed with government support. Artificial Intelligence and sensors can be integrated into the system to avoid the use of manual control. A computer can water the plants based on the data provided to it.

One to One with ITI student To Save Water