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Being Human: This Bhubaneswar Paan-Wala Does His Bit With No Expectations

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Bhubaneswar: Biku Charan Jena had lost all hopes. His mother was ailing from a simple urinal infection, but it had now been escalated into a major one. He had rushed to Cuttack for treatment but things went wrong.

"I was distressed. I didn't know where to go and whom to approach. Things got worse and critical without proper diagnosis and treatment. did not turn out well even after a week's hospitalisation in Cuttack. Then a person of my village gave me the contact number of Amiya Bhai. He turned to be a saviour for us. We came to Kalinga Hospital in the capital city and he helped her to get admitted in this hospital. With the right doctors, she will be discharged tomorrow, fully recovered," cried out a visibly happy Biku.

Amiya Kumar Rout, a nondescript and small betel shop owner beside the Kalinga Hospital in Bhubaneswar took care of all the hospital hassles, which doctor to meet, how to go for the tests, etc.

He has made many a lives easy in his small way. Acting as a Good Samaritan, he lends out his helping hand to many persons, known and unknown, and eases pain from their lives, earning blessings in return.

His passion for helping people started few years back.

"After completing my basic education, I started to assist my uncle in a small betel shop near the hospital and am here since last 20 years. The doctors of the hospital also dropped in my shop occasionally for tea and refreshments and I got to slowly know them personally. But I always got disturbed by one fact," revealed the paan-wala from Rajnagar village in Odisha's Kendrapada district.

"Over the years, I found that people who came for treatment faced lot of difficulties. When I saw an inflow of patients from my area, I took a personal interest to get the best treatment for them, by making arrangements of their cheap stay, doctor’s appointment,etc. Most of them come to the capital city from far flung areas with limited resources, and are too poor to go for expensive treatment. I try to make their journey easier and cheaper, though not able to help them financially," he said.

"They don’t even know how to go about in the hospital eg how and where to acquire blood for their loved ones. I try to guide them and make their treatment hassle-free. I am unable to help them financially but try to make their expenses very cheap."

And what does he get in return? "I feel so overwhelmed by helping them. It makes me feel very contented," is his answer.

Living with his parents, wife and a child, Amiya is barely able to make his ends meet. "My wife complains many times, but I just can't stop helping people. It affects my business, but it is my passion. Maybe I was born to do this," he said.

He has helped helped patients with gastric issues, neuro issues and even kidney transplant.

"The hospital authorities and the staff also extend their bit of help as they have been seeing me doing this since last few years," he speaks out.

Relating an accident case, he recalls,"The patient was critical and no one was there with him. I was quite late in the night. I carried him to the hospital all alone, and attended him the whole night. His family members arrived only the next day."

He may not be getting recognition and awards but his contentment and happiness is enough to carry him on with his selfless venture. His small acts of kindness has given a new meaning to humankind. One doesn't need means and money to do their bit for the society, will to do so is enough.

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Amiya Rout

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Biku's Wife