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Behold Eco-Friendly 8-Inch ‘Pandal’ On The Eve Ganesh Puja In Odisha

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12 September 2018

Sangita Agarwal

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Bhubaneswar: The famous miniature sculptor, L.Eshwar Rao from Jatni has again surprised his devotees by creating a Ganesh Puja Pandal from 320 tamarind seeds. He has the distinction of creating a series of miniatures and has a personal museum showcasing his work.

“I had been contemplating on how to present my skill this Ganesh Puja since last 3 months. Then the idea struck and it took me 15 days to complete this 8-inch pandal of Lord Ganesh. The main things used in this project are tamarind seeds, gum, matchsticks, glass pieces, etc. I always try to welcome the Lord in an eco-friendly manner,” informed the artist.

Moreover, he has displayed around 500 miniatures of Lord Ganesh in different forms, many of which are inside bottles.

These miniatures range from half inch Ganesh idol carved out of pencil tip to 5 inches carvings of stone and wood.

He has been working for last 25 years on different miniatures and has created miniatures from to observe specific occasions and seasons. The main objects used for his art are things like soap, wood, used ball pens, coal, clay, graphite pencil tips, chalks, crayons, rice grains and even tobacco seeds serve as medium of his artistic talent.

Earlier, he had made miniature forms of Fifa World Cup 2018 trophy on a pencil and a piece of crayon to wish the teams in his own unique style.

Last year, he had surprised his fans by carving a special miniature Ganesh idol from a tamarind seed and placing as many miniatures of Lord Ganesh frame in 150 bottles sculpted on different mediums.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated all across India for prosperous beginnings as Lord Ganesh is considered as ‘Vignaharta’ or obstacle-remover in any work done.

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L.Eshwar Rao, Miniature Sculptor