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Beating Coronavirus: A Tribute To Selfless People In The Line Of Fire

22 March 2020

Chetna Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: With the total number of positive novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in India rising to 315, the preparedness of keeping the nation in Stage 2 of the infection is not only crucial but also the need of the hour.

In testing times like these we must keep in mind the people who are putting themselves at risk by being at the frontline and battling the global pandemic COVID-19. The health workers, police officials, various government officials and the media persons are out of the comfort of their homes for the sake of their duties.

The health and sanitation workers of all levels do need a special mention because they are the ones who face the maximum risk of contracting the disease but whose efforts have been unrelenting in keeping the virus in the bay. Images of nurses and doctors from China’s Wuhan (which was at the epicentre of the outbreak) have been floating on social media with scars on their faces made due wearing of protective gears for elongated periods of time.

Honourable mention is also reserved for the police officials and the security personnel not just in India but all over the world. These people are also out in open regulating and trying to maintain peace in the current panic scenario. There have been multiple reports of Government officials setting their personal lives aside in putting their duty above everything else. These are the people who are making sure that mandates and regulation of the State or central government are implemented in full force and then making sure that common people do not face any kind of difficulties.

Media is termed as the fourth pillar of democracy and the media persons play a crucial roles in times like these. Being at the frontline and then making sure that the accurate news reaches every nook corner- is no small deal. They have also been making sure that no kind of misinformation is spread in addition to busting myths and spreading awareness.

The selfless service of these heroes is invaluable but in gratitude least, we could do is can laud them. People of Spain and Italy, even though in complete lockdown, came out in cheering these several faceless heroes who are fighting this seemingly invincible war. They lost some and won many, but continued with the fight. India too, today evening, will be cheering these heroes for being at the frontline and thanking them for their service.