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Anti-Naxal Awareness: Odisha Tribals Protest ‘CLC’ Visit From Telangana, Andhra

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18 May 2019


Bhubaneswar: Fed up with the relentless and rampant killings of innocent villagers as well as being well aware of the dubious-cum-devilish designs of the left wing extremists (Maoists), irate locals of tribal-dominated Koraput district today vehemently protested against the visit of Civil Liberties Committee (CLC) members from neighbouring Telagana and Andhra Pradesh (AP).

Displaying placards and banners as well as shouting slogans, the protesting tribal villagers (men, women and youths) blocked the passage of the CLC members midway on the highway itself. They compelled them to go back and did not even allow their Maruti Alto car bearing AP registration number to proceed ahead.


The video vividly evinces that there was no violent protest exhibited by the agitating tribals, but they forced the CLC members and so-called ‘Maoist sympathizers’ to retreat.  

The agitated tribals questioned the CLC’s mysterious mum over the merciless killings of innocent tribals by the red rebels.

They also ragged the CLC members over the inhumane incidents in which scores of villagers have been forced to desert their homes and livelihood due to the reign of terror unleashed by the naxals.

The protesters even complained that the Maoists in the garb of claiming themselves to be messiah of poor tribals are resorting to anti-poor and anti-tribal whims and fancies as well as sinister designs.


They demanded justice from the CLC members and debarred them from being Maoist sympathizers as they raise voice only when the naxals are killed but never question about human rights violation when the innocent villagers are killed by the naxals.  

Notably, the CLC members were on their spot visit to the area in the wake of the recent encounter in which three women cadre Maoists and two male cadre Maoists were killed under the Padua police station limits, sources said.