12 BJD MP-Elects Meet Naveen
12 BJD MP-Elects Meet Naveen

ACP's Minor Son Suicide: Know The Contents Of His Daily Diary Seized By Police

07 January 2019

Bikash Das

Bhubaneswar: While mystery shrouds the suicidal death of Ayushman, the 12-year-old son of Commissionerate Police ACP Sanjeev Satpathy, he reportedly had habit of maintaining a daily diary which is presently under police custody.

Ayush had jotted many things in his diary including his feelings towards his family members. He has termed his mother as the most beautiful lady in the world who loves him above all and takes good care of him.

He has asserted his father as a 'Singham' police officer, who is a source of inspiration for him. Ayush has further mentioned that because of his sister he has never felt alone in life.

As the contents of the diary reveals Ayush's strong bonding with his family, what forced him to take the extreme step is yet to be ascertained.

Meanwhile, ACP Satpathy in a message to all print and electronic media personnel said that his son died in an accident and requested not to term it as suicide.

Satpathy stated that Ayushman was in the habit of playing pranks with his family members and on the fateful day he had put the jeans pant around his neck after being rebuked by his mother for playing with their pet dog as it was already 12.30 AM.

Accidentally Ayushman fell inside the clutches of the jeans which was not noticed by his mother immediately said Satpathy adding, "I sincerely request and beg you all that don’t term the death of my son as suicide. Neither it was due to the impact of video game nor anything else as circulated by some media."

He further said, "Please don’t make unnecessary comments and absurd presumption of my son's death. Again let me tell u my son has died in an accident. So I hope you understand the condition of me and my family members."

Satpathy said that his family has broken after losing their son and wrong news about his death has hurt them more. Therefore, he requested all to help him and his family and stop spreading wrong news.