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01 November 2019

Bikash Sharma

Cuttack: Body donation not only fulfils research and education purposes but can also give life to a needy. Joining in this noble cause, a staggering 750 people pledged their bodies for donation today at the SCB Medical College and Hospital here. With this, they broke their previous record of 235 pledges and etched the figure in India Book of Records.

Body donation is the donation of a whole body after death for research and education to be used for medical education and research. If time permits, then body parts could be extracted for needy organ recipients.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr Pravas Acharya, President of Body and Organ Donation Society of India (BODI) said, “We submitted 750 affidavits to the Anatomy department of SCB Hospital. We broke our previous record today. We started this movement back in 2013 when we realized that our medical college did not have sufficient cadavers. Instead of following 1:5 rule they were forced with 1:30 or 1:40. When we started we were met with social stigma and superstitions but it is getting better now. Till date we have given about 10,000 bodies to hospitals.”

Speaking on the numbers, he said, “Women trump men when it comes body donation and, in general, working-class lead the cause.”

Prof Prafulla Kumar Mohapatra, Vice President of BODI, said, “Having pledged my body back in 2014, my sole intention is to help students get proper education. Bodies being cremated or buried will come of no use. We can only earn true ‘Punya’ (merit), if we not only do good while being alive but also after death. Hence I vowed that my body be donated to the college where I studied and later taught. If today’s medical students get a better education in the form of studying cadavers then they can become better doctors of tomorrow.” He is a retired Professor of SCB’s Surgery Department.

Dr Chinmayi Mohapatra, HOD and Professor, Anatomy Department, SCB Hospital also spoke on this occasion. She said, “We regularly get cadavers through body donation or make use of unclaimed bodies. We embalm and preserve them. SCB also supplies bodies to newly opened medical colleges. Such body donation campaigns help us in maintaining the demand for cadavers.”

Dr Pravas Acharya, President, BODI

Prof Prafulla Ku Mohapatra, Vice President, BODI

Dr Chinmayi Mohapatra,