70th R-Day Celebrations: You Will Be Amazed To Hear What Odisha's Young Generation Knows About India

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26 January 2019

Bikash Das

Bhubaneswar: While the young generation of India proudly celebrated 70th Republic Day today with patriotic fervor and took several selfies for social media with the colorful parade in background, it is interesting to note that not many of these youngsters know the basic facts about the significance of the day.

OMMCOM NEWS crisscrossed Gandhi Marg today morning after the parade and tried to feel the pulse of young India. This is what they had to say when they were asked basic questions like who is the President of India, who is the Governor of Odisha and why is Republic Day celebrated?

When asked who hoisted the flag in Bhubaneswar, a school student Lingaraj Mohapatra tried to avoid the question and said, “I just reached, so I don’t know who hoisted the flag.” He was also baffled when he was asked which year our Constitution came into force, however he successfully answered that India’s current president is Ram Nath Kovind. Thankfully, there was some saving grace.

Siddharth Gautam, who is currently pursuing Masters in prestigious IIM Indore confidently said, “Republic Day is celebrated because our Constitution came into force on this day”, but he had to think a lot before answering Professor Ganeshi Lal is the Governor of the State.

Going with the theme, a girl dressed in all white was found strutting on the streets of capital city. She was not able to answer any of the questions and laughed in nervousness. She also requested OMMCOM NEWS to not use the video.

Pramila Barik, a bank employee said that she had come all the way from Puri. She was excited after witnessing the colorful parade and expressed that she enjoyed the dancing of the students, bike stunts and skating. But, she was asked not able to answer why Republic Day is celebrated so to make things easy for her, she was asked who is the President of India and she proudly answered, “President Modi”. The bizarre part is that she did not even reflect on her bold wrong answer.

Another graduate student Avinash assertively said, “In 1949, Dr Ambedkar had drafted the Constitution and our President is Narendra Modi.” Indian education system just went for a toss there!

Another MA student Subashree Dakua said, “Chief Guest was our Governor SC Jamir.” She too did not find any mistake in that answer. Looks like, she is lagging behind by a year.

Another Arpita Biswal of Utkal University stuttered several times before she said that this was the seventh Republic Day celebration. She quickly corrected that and saved herself from some embarrassment by saying that this was the seventieth.

India’s Constitution might have become 70 years old today but the public of this country still has a long time to mature and grow up. Till then, staying in touch with current affairs and focusing in History class is our safest bet!

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