5 Tips To Stay Safe During Tusker Invasion

24 February 2020


Bhubaneswar: Man versus wild conflict is becoming common these days with wild elephants straying into human establishments. The most recent is that of yesterday of a tusker straying from Chandaka forests to as far as Pipili where it killed three and injured five and then creating panic today in Ghatikia area of the Capital.

While forest officials are trying their best to drive away the lone animal back into the jungle, here are five tips that we can follow and be safe in such scenarios.

  • Stay indoors and avoid going out unsupervised
  • If you have an encounter with an elephant in open, then take note of the elephant’s behaviour and keep a safe distance
  • Do not follow the elephant
  • Always allow the elephants the right of way and avoid making any sudden movements
  • Hooting or making any kind of noise is a bad idea. It might aggravate or scare the elephant resulting in it making an unexpected move

The forest officials are trained to handle such scenarios and it would be best to leave it to the experts.