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4 Tips By Educationist Bijoy Sahoo For Parents To Deal With Children's Wrong Behaviour

26 October 2019


Bhubaneswar: Are you confused about how to manage your child’s difficult behaviour? While it’s important to be sensitive to a child’s social-emotional development, it’s essential to teach him/her how to react, behave, and control his/her feeling.

Renowned educationist Bijoy Sahoo shares four simple corrective measures which help parents properly deal with children’s wrong behaviour. Sahoo is of the opinion that parents must help children break out of bad habits. It is a parents’ duty to develop a better attitude and behaviour in children.

Don’t apologise for disappointments

If you are not being able to buy your child the gift he/she wants, do not apologise for it.

In fact, do not provide on their whims and fantasies. Teach your children that they will have to earn what they want. Involve them in household chores and reward them with a gift so that they understand its value.

Manage their tantrum

Just ignore the temper tantrums of your child. The day children realize that parents cannot be manipulated by throwing tantrums at them, they will automatically taper off.

Be firm on your decisions and become their role models

Do not be wiggly in your decisions. They need to understand that once you have said something you will not back out. By being firm, you not only earn their respect but also assert your parental authority. Later, they see you as a role model who is true to his/her words.

Involve the children in community service to nurture empathy

Involving children in community service activities will automatically induce selflessness, empathy, and compassion in them. If you feel you are raising a spoilt brat, take some solace from the fact that it’s partly a sign at times, and then try to make a few small steps of adjustments and counteract some of the things beyond your control.