3,013 Paddy Mandis This Year, Rs 3,089 Cr Already Deposited In Bank Accounts Of Farmers: Odisha Cooperation Minister

11 January 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: Amid the hue and cry and political allegations, Odisha Food Supplies and Cooperation Minister Surya Narayan Patro today made it clear that 3,013 mandis have been opened across the State for Kharif paddy procurement and Rs 3,089 crore already deposited in the respective bank accounts of the farmers.

Briefing media at the State Secretariat here, Patro informed, “Till date 12,60,000 farmers have registered themselves with the PACS and LAMPS to sell paddy to the State Government.”

He added, “11,20,000 farmers had registered in the last Kharif season. In comparison to last year, over 13% farmers have been registered to sell paddy. In comparison to last year, 2,22,000 new farmers have registered themselves for the purpose. In addition, 1,19,000 share croppers and marginal farmers have registered.

He further stated, “Upto January 9, 21,61,000 metric tonne paddy has been procured. In comparison to last year, this year we have procured 3 lakh more tonnes. Thus, 18% more paddy has been procured this year.”

“Last year, 2,929 mandis had been opened while this year the figure is 3,013 mandis have been opened. Till now, 3,72,000 farmers have already sold paddy to the government. Rs 3,089 crore has been deposited in their bank accounts. Within 24-72 hours of paddy procurement, the payment of the farmers is being remitted to their bank accounts,” he asserted.

He also said, “An amount of Rs 1,750 per quintal paddy is being deposited. This rate has been fixed by the Central Government. As this rate didn’t suit the farmers, BJD two days ago at Delhi has submitted a memorandum to the President to exert pressure on the Prime Minister for its increase.”

“As the Centre has barred us from paying bonus to the farmers and has warned us that it won’t purchase our surplus paddy. And Odisha is a paddy production surplus State. Hence, we send it to Karnataka, Jharkhand and other States through FCI. We’re bound down to do so,” said the Odisha Cooperation Minister.

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Surya Narayan Patro, Minister, Cooperation, Odisha