10 Astonishingly Highest Paid Jobs In India

12 December 2019

Ommcom News

Bhubaneswar: The question, which are the highest paying jobs in India, often arise in our minds. We sometimes wonder whether we are in the wrong profession or career, especially when our income isn’t sufficient to keep pace with skyrocketing prices of everything.

Understandably, there are lots of high paying jobs in India. Today, it is no longer just engineers or doctors who start out with well-paying jobs, but a bunch of other professions which start with good pay.

Here’s listed the top 10 highest paying jobs in India (in no particular order).

Chartered Accountant

The lucrative profession of chartered accountants is crucial for ensuring financial discipline. They will always be in demand, considering their accounting skills are required by every company, from a startup to a multi-national.

Apart from clearing three levels of exams, you also need to undergo a 3-year articleship to earn the degree of being a Chartered Accountant.


Being a cricket player is one of the highest-paid jobs in India. Apart from the massive fan following, the pay is really good. Keeping aside the brand endorsements and IPL, the BCCI pays players to represent India at various cricket fixtures. BCCI divided cricket players into four categories: Grade A+, Grade A, Grade B, and Grade-C. Their annual pay is decided on basis on these grades.

Moreover, there is no specific educational requirement for being a cricket player.

Civil Services

The civil services examination is probably the oldest entrance examination in India, started by the British to inculcate an administrative class in the country. Even today it remains extremely prestigious, and the 7th Pay Commission has made it financially lucrative as well, with high paying salaries from the start.

Like with anything worth having, this too comes only after a lot of hard work and effort after graduation to crack the UPSC exam, for which 8 Lakh candidates appeared in 2019.

Merchant Navy

Merchant Shipping sector has always been known to provide good pay packages to its workers. But the problem with Merchant Navy sector is that they only recruit the best me. In Merchant Navy, Officer level posts come with high salary packages. Posts like- Marine Engineer, Navigation Officer, Electro-Technical Officer, Captain etc are high paying job posts.

For landing any of the above-mentioned job posts, one must pursue Maritime courses associated with them. One must also be physically and medically fit, as per the norms set by Merchant Shipping rules.

Commercial Pilot

India is one of the fastest-growing airline passenger markets in the world that is why this is also one of the highest-paid jobs in India. Despite the closure of one private airline in early 2019, the Indian civil aviation industry shows a growth of 7.4 per cent between April 2019 and June 2019.

Interested must have a Higher Secondary Certificate with Commercial Pilot License from Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The license can be attained upon accumulating a certain number of flying hours and passing tests conducted by the DGCA.

Data Scientist

While many careers have been around forever, data science is relatively new and buzzing option offering lucrative packages. A data scientist helps manage and organize a massive amount of data that an organization collects. A big reason for taking up Data Science as a career, there is a 40 per cent rise in demand approximately for data scientist since January 2019, and more than 300% since 2013.

Any BE/BTech engineer with minimal coding experience can opt for this lucrative career option.


An architect will always remain one of the most sought after professions in India. Architecture directly depends on the economy. Nevertheless even though the real market is always uncertain architecture will always be required

One can go for architecture as a profession after doing a Diploma, BE/BTech or even an MTech in architecture. The pay is lucrative and will always be in demand.


Law is a profession for which there will always be a demand, irrespective of the state of the economy. However, law is a blanket term encompassing different fields like criminal, litigation, corporate etc. Corporate law is the arm that encompasses law requirements in a company, leading to better packages.

Most lawyers have a BA LLB degree to their name, which is either a 5-year course straight out of school or a 3-year course after graduation.

Management Professional

Another wide category, management professional encompass roles in all areas of business like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Logistics, which get unlocked through an MBA degree post-graduation.

Umpteen number of colleges today offer MBA in various disciplines, but a degree from reputed college opens up better opportunities.


Indians have always been obsessed with getting their children into the medical profession for generations. In India, the ratio of the number of doctors available per 1000 patients is very low. While this is a matter of concern, it also means that doctors practising in India gets a steady flow of patients; making this one of the most lucrative professions.

To be a doctor, one has to slog through five years of medical college to get an MBBS. One can also go specialization and avail an MD.