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‘Pre-Paid Smart Meter’ & ‘Tamper-Proof Smart Meter’ In Odisha Now To Check Power Pilferage, Loss

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19 August 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: In a bid to check power pilferage as well as transmission loss of electricity in the State, plans are afoot by the Odisha Energy Department to introduce ‘Tamper-Proof Pre-Paid Smart Meter’ and ‘Tamper-Proof Smart Meter’.

This was informed today by Energy Minister Dibya Shankar Mishra on the sidelines of a House Committee meeting in the premises of Odisha Assembly.

The Energy Minister said, “The main objective of Smart Meter is tamper-free. No one can resort to tampering. The magnet wheel can’t be slowed down. Even the connection from behind can’t be delinked as used to be the illegal practice.”

He added, “Another one is Pre-Paid Smart Meter. It will be having an intel card by means of which one can have the pre-paid facility. The amount of power supply will be provided and one can be able to recharge after the amount of consumption is exhausted.”

He informed, “We have taken up the effort of installing pre-paid smart meter for the first time in Sambalpur. In Rourkela, we have taken up installing smart meter as pilot project, which will be tamper-proof. One who would try to tamper it, detection facility is there. A consumer who fails to deposit due, we can disconnect using remote facility.”

He further informed, “This will help in system improvement and revenue collection. We are making the arrangement for the pre-paid recharge. The nitty-gritty is under discussion. After finalization, we will be introducing Pre-Paid Smart Meter in Sambalpur and Smart Meter in Rourkela initially.”

“It is a pilot project. If the people accept it and it becomes successful, the Pre-Paid Smart Meter will be applied to other cities and towns. The authorized Meter Company will install and monitor it. The exercise has not yet started, but plan afoot to implement it. All details will be known once it is installed. It can check power pilferage and transmission loss,” asserted the Odisha Energy Minister. 

The Minister also informed that 25 lakh Smart Meters have been availed while 4,500 Pre-Paid Meters will be installed in Sambalpur initially and gauge the public response.

The Energy Minister also informed that  the House Committee was today chaired by Hon’ble Speaker in the Assembly House. Discussions were held on the Energy Department. Whatever problems are being faced in the State were discussed. Some problems are concerned with the Energy Department while some with the consumers. Some problems are with industries while some with domestic consumers and commercial consumers.”

“Today’s discussions were held on power generation, transmission and distribution. The minutes were noted down by the Hon’ble Speaker. Whatever directions will be issued to the Department, actions will be taken accordingly,” stated the Minister.

Responding to media queries, he also informed thet CESU’s profit is approximately Rs 41 crore, NESCO is about zero zero. Steps will be taken so that the distribution company will be profit-making in future.

“Most important to note that no tariff hike has been made for the last three years.” asserted the Odisha Energy Minister.  

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Dibya Shankar Mishra, Minister, Energy, Odisha