‘Odisha State Road Safety Action Plan’ Launched, Aims To Curb & Reverse Rising Accidental Fatality Rate In 2019

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11 February 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: The valedictory session of the 30th National Road Safety Week today marked the unveiling of Odisha State Road Safety Action Plan with an aim and objective to curb and reverse the rising trend of accidental fatality rate in 2019.

In his media reactions, Odisha Transport & Commerce Minister Dr Nrusingha Charan Sahu said, “An Action Plan has been made and action will be taken accordingly as various departments have been in consultation with each other.”

“Good Samaritan policy is that eye witnesses or onlookers used to avoid helping the road accident victim due to police interrogation and legal labyrinth. Now the policy is that the rescuer will rewarded with Rs 2000 and police cannot interrogate him. The prize money will be funded by our department. The money will straight go the Good Samaritan’s bank account.”

Odisha Finance Minister Sashi Bhusan Behera said, “There is need for good road. As there is demand for good road, we should also ensure such healthy mindset no to opt for speed driving. The life may be of ours or others. Hence, citizen awareness in this context is the most important thing.”

“Unnecessarily we shouldn’t prefer vehicle when we could do it by walking or cycling. Why to use bike or car at that time? Hence, Road Safety Week assumes utmost significance for all starting from the students to guests like us and also for all of us. We should all be conscious that this year onwards we should curb the number of road accidents and reverse the fatality rate,” he stressed.

Odisha DGP R.P. Sharma in his reactions said, “Today was the valedictory session of Road Safety Week. Every year we observe it. Every citizen has a duty for curbing road accidents as the fatality rate is increasing and how to reverse it. Observance of this week certainly helps us, but this awareness needs to be observed daily.”

He explained, “We notice that speed driving or riding or doing it in an inattentive manner or using road carelessly as a driver or user of the road also is the main cause behind most of the accidents. Suppose we don’t wear helmet, seat belt, talking over mobile phone and don’t remain attentive, there is every possibility of accident. Similarly, drunken driving is also another major reason. There is a need for an integrated approach to check all these.”

He also informed, “Today Odisha State Road Safety Action Plan was unveiled. It incorporates the detailed duties and responsibilities to be observed. Also a booklet on Good Samaritan was also released today. If emergency response is at the right moment, possibility of saving the life of an accident victim is ensured by providing timely medical treatment. So rate of fatalities can be reduced.”

“Despite all efforts made, it is a fact that there is a rising trend in Odisha road accident’s fatality. Hope in the wake of this action plan and the 4E (Education, Enforcement, Engineering & Emergency response) formula religiously observed, we can curb as well as reverse the trend,” asserted the top cop.

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Dr Nrusingha Charan Sahu, Minister, Transport, Odisha

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Sashi Bhusan Behera, Minister, Finance, Odisha

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Dr R.P. Sharma, DGP, Odisha