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02 October 2019

Debashish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today launched the much awaited governance initiative 'Mo Sarkar' which offers a completely new governance experience.

The Chief Minister called nine persons over phone to get their feedback on experience at hospitals .

These numbers were collected on random basis from 'Mo Sarkar' portal.

People thanked the Chief Minister for his innovative initiative while giving their feedback and opinion on hospitals.

Patnaik released the logo and preamble of the 'Mo Sarkar' programme at the Capital Hospital here.

"Today I spoke to nine people-men and women who had been to hospitals and police stations. On the whole results have been very satisfactory," said Patnaik to reporters after releasing the logo and preamble of 'Mo Sarkar' programme.  

The 'Mo Sarkar' programme was started today at all 21 district headquarters hospitals and the three Medical College & Hospitals at Cuttack, Berhampur and Sambalpur. This programme will be effective at all the district headquarters hospitals of the State by October 30.

“Chief Minister will speak to people directly to inquire about their experience at health centres through phone numbers selected on random basis from the Mo Sarkar portal. Secretary and other senior officers of the health department will also speak to people on phone numbers selected on random basis and take their feedback. This will be done on daily basis,” said Pramod Meherda, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare department.  

It's worth mentioning here that Patnaik had announced this programme on Independence Day. The objective of this programme is to provide service with dignity to people who are coming to government offices for different purposes.

Under this programme, the phone numbers of people who are coming to different government offices will be collected randomly. However, it is not a grievance redressal mechanism. The purpose is to improve the governance system by collecting feedback on behaviour and professionalism of government officers.

Phone numbers of all the people coming to different government offices will be registered and an SMS will be sent to their numbers within 24 hours. If the SMS is not received or the number is not registered, then the concerned person can make a miss call to 14545 and get his/her number registered. These telephone numbers will be randomly collected. Chief Minister, departmental Minister, Secretary and Director will call random numbers to get feedback.

The employees will be ranked as ‘good or bad’ on the basis of the feedback. The employees with good rank will get out-of-turn promotion, and action will be taken against the employees with bad rank. The identity of the persons giving negative feedback will be kept secret.

Odisha CM Launches Mo Sarkar

Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha

Pramod Meherda, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare department, Odisha