‘Maa I've Become A Collector’: IAS Officer Rajesh Patil’s Anecdote, Released In English

15 March 2019


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Bhubaneswar: Every life tells a story, however very few of them are atypical. These stories not just define the meaning of life but go on to become a beacon of hope, a guiding light for millions of others. One such honest and riveting account is ‘Maa I’ve become a Collector’ - a story that penetrates deep into our hearts and motivates to follow our dreams.

Written by Rajesh Patil, an IAS officer of Odisha cadre, Maa, I’ve become a Collector, narrates true life events of a child who had nothing but passion that led him to achieve his goal. Hailing from a small village Tade in Khandesh area of Maharashtra, Patil’s success journey is not a common one. A child born in a low-income, debt-ridden family, Patil had only handful of resources to avail rose; however adversities could not hold his will-power back and he rose like a phoenix.

Showcasing the harsh socio-economic realities of rural India, Patil has successfully captured the hardships faced by hundreds of impoverished parents trying hard to provide basic facilities to their children.

As we take a walk through the interesting phases of his life, we find that the author was just like any other ordinary child who loved playing with his friends and wasn’t much into studies. In the autobiography he also admitted to have come under the influence of amateurish habits.

After completing his education, Patil qualified for Indian Statistical Services. But this wasn’t the settling milestone for him. He aspired to become IAS officer and became one, because of his will-power and relentless efforts.

Speaking to OMMCOM NEWS, Patil said, “The book reflects my own journey from childhood to adolescence and career as a bureaucrat, so far. I believe it can inspire many among us who confront adversities which may be financial, societal or in terms of physical ability.”

Working as the Director Employment and CEO, Odisha Skill Development Authority, Patil always had a passion to write. His book was first released in Marathi and then reprinted in Gujarati and later in several other languages.

Asked about the title, he said, “During childhood, whenever my mother was fatigued with my pranks, I used to buoy her by addressing her as ‘Collector’s Mother’. The day I could fructify this dream, I called her and shared the achievement. This could have been the best title for my book.”

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Rajesh Patil, Director Employment and CEO, Odisha Skill Development Authority