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'Joseph Born in Grace' Eligible For Oscar Nominations, Features Several Odia Cine Talents

20 December 2019


Bhubaneswar: 'Joseph' Born in Grace has been named among eligible movies for 92nd Oscar Awards 2020 nominations. This movie, an adaptation of a short story 'Joseph' written by Umakanta Mahapatra, has several Odia cine talents in its making.

From technical personnel to direction, the movie involves, Director Susant Misra, Art Director Sukant Panigrahy and Editor Chakradhar Sahu. The movie has been produced by Ashok Mahapatra. The film's promotion and publicity is being managed by Ishan Mahapatra.

The story revolves around an orphan boy Joseph, set in the foothills of the Himalayas between 1960 and 1980 in India. Father O'Hara (Victor Banerjee), a missionary doctor with the help of his caretaker Maularam (Sudarshan Juyal), raises Josef (Hitesh Bisht).

While still a young boy, Josef is sent to Dehradun for his studies and vocational training. Josef (Subrat Dutta) returns back with a reputation as a great cook as well as his love for alcohol. The film explores in its unfolding of time, the different paths that Father O'Hara, Josef, and Maularam take in their respective journeys for spiritual fulfillment through memories, duty, and search as well as the their interaction with friends and acquaintances.

Through static mis-en-scenes, the narrative of the film reflects the all-encompassing nature of time, pre-empting and repeating itself in allegorical hues.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today that 344 feature films are eligible for the 2019 Academy Awards.

To be eligible for the consideration, the films must open in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County by December 31, and begin a minimum run of seven consecutive days. Academy rules also state that a feature-length motion picture must have a running time of more than 40 minutes and must have been exhibited theatrically on 35mm or 70mm film, or in a qualifying digital format.

Nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards will be announced on Monday, January 13, 2020. The ceremony takes place on Sunday, February 9, airing live from Hollywood on ABC.