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"40 MLAs Of Didi In Touch With Me," Was Modi's Remark Unbecoming Of A PM?

30 April 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Making a sensational claim in the middle of the general election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that 40 TMC MLAs were in touch with him and will desert their party once the BJP wins the poll.

Addressing an election rally in Serampore, the Prime Minister on Monday claimed that 40 Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLAs were in his touch and there is nothing that can save Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee from losing power.

Does such a remark undermine the chair of a Prime Minister of the largest democracy? Was it unbecoming of an Indian PM to make a remark of this sort while the General Elections are underway? OMMCOM NEWS spoke to political experts based in Bhubaneswar and sought their opinion on these questions.

Senior Journalist Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra said that the Moral Code of Conduct is being rampantly violated during election campaigns and at least the Prime Minister should not be a party to this nefarious trend.

Thanks to electronic media and the Internet, the Silent Period has gone for a toss this election. The remarks made by influential political personalities have a telling impact on voters, he said."The remark made by Modi on TMC MLAs is distasteful and such appropriations should have no place in a healthy democracy," Mohapatra added.

Though politicians often cross the line during election campaigns, the Prime Minister should maintain some restraint during public discourses, opined political analyst Sandeep Sahu.

"This was a hateful attribution. A Prime Minister gloating on purported numbers is both ridiculous and woeful. This is a clear-cut reference to horse-trading," Sahu added.

Hours after Modi's remark, TMC filed a complaint with the Election Commission of India (ECI) alleging violation of the Model Code of Conduct. In its complaint filed late on Monday, accused the PM of “encouraging horse trading” with his remarks.

The TMC said that the PM is “encouraging horse trading, by hinting that the members of the AITC will cross over to the BJP, and using this lie to influence the voters and using this lie to persuade the voters”.

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Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra, Senior Journalist

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Sandeep Sahu, Senior Political Analyst