Newborn Looks At Doctor Furiously, Netizens Amused

27 February 2020


New Delhi:  A newborn's very first look literally seconds after being born has taken social media by storm. The baby looks furiously at the doctor, and Twitteratti can't help laughing.

The photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann shared the image on Facebook with the caption: "Today is my birthday and I don't even have clothes for this."

The hilarious photo shows the moment a newborn baby frowns at a doctor who tries to make her cry. Right after being born, the baby was spotted giving cold stare to the doctors around her.

As the photo went viral, it is widely used as a meme on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Social media users have flooded the internet with their reactions.

A user said: "When you die of Coronavirus and born back in China."

A user wrote, "Extremely strong photo, but some 'privacy please'."

Another wrote, "She's like you disturbed my sleep put me back."

A post read: "I'm watching you, so don't even think about slapping my butt!"

"Poor lil baby. The baby already knows the peril the world is in!" a user remarked.