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Meet The Man Who Saved Lives Of 10 Students In Surat Fire Tragedy

26 May 2019


Surat:  By rescuing as many as 10 students, Ketan Jorawadia has emerged as a hero after the fire tragedy at Surat coaching centre. He risked his own life to save the students who were trapped in the blaze at Takshashila Arcade on Friday.

Ketan was in the locality when the fire broke out and was shocked to see the dense smoke. In front of his eyes, a girl jumped down to the ground from the fourth floor in panic. Using his wits, Ketan arranged for a ladder and used it to rescue students from the backside of the complex.

"I took the ladder and first helped the children to get out of the place. I managed to save 8-10 students from the back side of the building. Later I managed to rescue two more students. I rescued as many students as I could have," he told a news agency.

Ketan was one of the fire responders of the fire. According to him, fire brigade reached 40 minutes after the incident and took time in parking the fire tenders. He also said that the officials did not have sufficient equipment like safety nets.

On Saturday. the Surat Municipal Corporation suspended two fire officers for granting a no-objection certificate to the building which was engulfed by a devastating fire that claimed 23 young lives. The cops have also arrested the coaching centre's operator Bhargav Bhutani, the main accused in the Surat fire.