Kejriwal Seeks PM's Help To Develop Delhi

16 February 2020


New Delhi: Displaying political propriety Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal exchanged good-natured remarks, here on Sunday.

While the Prime Minister congratulated the Chief Minister for taking oath, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader said they must work together to make the national capital a 'pride city'.

"I congratulate Arvind Kejriwal on taking oath as Delhi's CM earlier today. Best wishes to him for a fruitful tenure," Modi said. Responding to the PM's tweet, Kejriwal said he wished Modi could have attended the oath ceremony.

"Thank you for the warm wishes sir. I wish you could come today, but I understand you were busy. We must now work together towards making Delhi a city of pride for all Indians," the Chief Minister said.

Kejriwal on Sunday took oath as the Chief Minister for a third time. Though Modi was invited by the AAP to the ceremony, he could not make it due to his pre-decided schedule. Modi was to visit Varanasi, his Lok Sabha constituency.

Kejriwal said this in his address after the swearing-in ceremony. "I want to work with the central government to make Delhi a world-class city. I had also invited the PM for the oath ceremony, but I guess he could not make it because he is busy. I want the PM to bless us so that we can work for development and progress of Delhi," he said.

Modi had congratulated Kejriwal on February 11, when his party won 62 of the 70 Assembly seats. Similarly, when Modi was re-elected as the Prime Minister, the Delhi Cheif Minister had congratulated him.

Given the unique status of Delhi, the Centre plays a big role. During the previous term, Kejriwal had accused the Centre of creating hurdles in his work. However, this time he hopes for a fruitful term.