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Pakistan Releases Video Of Captured Indian Pilot

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27 February 2019


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Bhubaneswar: Hours after Pakistan claimed that it has captured two Indian pilots, three videos have surfaced on social media showing Wing Commander of Indian Air Force (IAF) Abhinandan Varthaman being captured, tortured and questioned by Pakistani soldiers.

While one video shows Abhinandan being thrashed by few locals in presence of Pakistan Army, other shows him being taken away by the Army. In the third video, Abhinandan is being questioned by some officials of Pakistan Army, where the Indian soldier denies to reveal any further details other than his name and religion.

Earlier today, the External Affairs Ministry informed that India has lost one MiG-21 today during an operation to bring down a Pakistani jet which was targeting military installations on the Indian side.

The Ministry also confirmed that a pilot is missing in action and even if Pakistan has claimed that he is in their custody, the Indian Government is ascertaining the facts.

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Missing Pilot In Pakistan Custody