Attack On Media By Naxals Was Pre-Planned, DD Cameraperson Intentionally Killed: Dantewada SP

02 November 2018

Sangita Agrawal

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Bhubaneswar: Two days after the attack on media persons by the Naxals, they tendered an apology letter in which they termed the killing of the cameraperson as a mistake. Dantewada SP Abhisek Pallav. called it a pack of lies stating many instances which clearly showed that it was a pre-planned ambush targetting the media persons. He opined that the ambush was intentional and their agenda was to attack the journalists.

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS, Dantewada SP said, “The cameraperson was first shot in the leg, then on the torso and when he started crawling, he was attacked on the head most probably by a sharp weapon. The journalists were in plainclothes and were not armed. The camera person had just finished his shooting of a Maoist poster on a tree for around 10 minutes in that area just before the ambush. Was it not enough to gaze that they were journalists?

"The main targets of the Naxals this time were the journalists. The police don’t carry so big cameras or light personnel. And they never move without arms. So to attack on the journalists clearly shows that it was a planned and targeted media ambush."

Talking about the reason behind this attack, SP Pallav said, “When the media used to report against the police and the administration, the naxals used to rejoice, but now the media had started publishing positive stories on how the villages welcomed the development work of the administration. It irked them and they planned this attack. First, they trapped the media to come to that area to cover their news by strewing posters, and then attacked them once they reached there.

In retaliation to the Moaists claim that it was a mistake, the SP clarified, “The Naxals have a very strong flow of information. And when they plan such a big ambush, they keep their sentries and guards for over an area of 4-5 kms to keep them informed by their walkie-talkie. They very well knew that journalists were coming with very few security personnel. Why was camera looted? Because it had recorded evidence of what happened in first few minutes of targeted media ambush. There were around 50 rounds of bullets which can never be termed as a mistaken attack

Notably, on October 30 a video journalist of Doordarshan hailing from Odisha’s Bolangir got killed along with two security personnel in an attack by Maoists while carrying out an election coverage programme near Nilabaya of Aranpur area in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh.

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Abhisek Pallav, SP, Dantewada