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5 Major Implications Of Abrogation Of Article 370

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05 August 2019


Bhubaneswar: With Article 370 revoked, there are some major implications with the decision. 

1: Now, Jammu and Kashmir is no longer a State but is bifurcated into 2 Union Territories. One is Jammu and Kashmir, and the other is Ladakh.

2: Jammu and Kashmir is now a Union Territory with Legislature and is at par with the other States of the country.

3: It will have a legislature like Delhi and Puducherry. A centrally appointed Lieutenant General will administer Jammu and Kashmir now.

4: There will be no separate Constitution, no separate flag for J&K. There will be one national anthem and same citizenship law, land ownership rights across India now. The fundamental rights of the J&K citizens will be the same as others in India. With 35(A) gone, women of Kashmir can now own property in the area even after marrying someone from other State. 

5: When we say Ladakh is now a Union Territory without Legislature, it implies that Ladakh is now independent of Jammu and Kashmir and is to be administered by Lieutenant General appointed by Centre.

It is notable to mention here that Article 370 gave Jammu and Kashmir its own Constitution and decision-making rights. The Article specified that Indian Parliament needed the J&K State Government's approval for applying laws in the State except matters related to Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communications.The removal of the Article ends the special status for Kashmir, which was key to its accession to India in 1947.